race, racism and the cosmic race mixture

Fanon argues that consciousness of the black body, the recognition of who they are, is based on negative activities like derogatory language. Multiculturalism claims are based on the idea that identity is not fixed and is fluid. Race mixture leads to multiculturalism which engages in the identity binary and exclusionary politics. Multiculturalism/Identity politics are cliché, this movement does not fully engage or understand antiblackness. Antiblackness deals with the particular and attempts to master the trauma, multiculturalism cannot be mastered. Miscegenation deals with what cannot be represented, it opens the doors to the thought behind the psychological phenomenon that deals with the break in borders. Cosmic race mixture is the ultimate form of eugenics, although not drenched with white supremacy would call for the extinction of the black and other nonhuman and savage races. Advocates for racial mixing/cosmic race argue that once race distinctions are gone so will white supremacy. Prominent blackness scholars argue that sexual racism/ interracial are structured through antiblackness.




nobody leaves the cave before the end of a new dawn https://modal-forces.surge.sh

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⚫️ nothingness negates itself

⚫️ nothingness negates itself

nobody leaves the cave before the end of a new dawn https://modal-forces.surge.sh

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