📸 non-blackness opposite philosophy

Light Drawings by Jonah Groeneboer

It’s terrible to have come from nothing but the sea, which is nowhere, navigable only in its constant autodislocation. (fred moten, blackness and nothingness (mysticism in the flesh))

philosophy is committed to rivenness, the near-pathological concern for distinctions founded on decisionism, correlationism, cloning and photographic activity; its Problems, like those concerning symbol grounding or transcendental cost-benefit analysis are taken as the given pillars of Thought-World. all philosophies are philosophy of exchange; to counter this woeful interlude with cosmos, has looting or piracy not become justified? saying the least, quite different acts from theft, as the capitalocene has legalized it paradigmatically against the virtual will of the commons. it is important that we contrast cloning (what is dignified as a kind of mimetic operationality) with piracy (a directed composition of the opposite). for why should the philosopher change the actual world if there are so many possible and impossible worlds at which their attention may be again riven, and so on. thanks to these intellectual machinations, we have categories, beside and often enough for our blackness, but do they grope onto a principle of sufficiency not ours, not for us? what if we maintain the dictatorship of insufficiency, the lantern of the subaltern?

blackness and nothingness are ontological cousins, feared jointly by the modes, masks and ages of the (post-)moderns; racism does not account for the proxy hatred toward blackness, what is anti-blackness, which may be mistaken for nothingness itself and its creative of “monsters”.

non-blackness: immanent blackness not encumbered by the conceptual machinery of dialectic or the decision to declare or auto-position within the formation of one’s ontological fugitive status, a non-autorepresentational black-without-blackness.

the withdrawal from the metaphysics of storage: that one’s skin is a conduit for experience, that one’s becoming is a medium for photographic transference, that one may be cloned at all, a black incapable of the calculus of embeddedness or opticality, an inoperosity of the black.

what might be the common kernel of the fear? that nothingness moves us more frequently than we move ourselves.



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