Modes of representational political violence

Some things, fields and loops, are not (just) representable. Ranciere brings to our attention the idea that the sensible, is a distributed style of being which produces the functions of subject and perceiver in a structure of internal representation. A question that came to mind is that concerning François Laruelle’s treatment of generic victims and otherwise Ranciere’s treatment of the generic and the possible conditions for itself the possibility of distinction between merely possible victims being represented opposite contingently generic victims elsewhere, by whom none but other than media intellectuals, regime, as it were, as the medium for the horizon of modes of realizability.

Instrumentalism, Kantianism, behaviorism, existentialism, cognitivism, representationalism, psychologism, … oh my!

A post-representative theology, then, is one that aims for a renunciation of common sense, in order to negatively make room for those concrete experiences, the bodily pains and passions, and the ever-changing nature of life that no language could ever capture. It is a deadly serious yet nonsensical repetition (“mundane incoherence”; FB Wilderson III) of the Christian absolutes in order never to let the world forget their oppressive potential (Enochanian chant of and for the death of god toward the preservation of the naming of names). (Toward a Post-representational Theology)

Radioscopic Semantic Hash Cipher via Latin Square Homology

Attribute-based hashing produces a sublinear preferential attachment such that stochastic processes


Calling on scientific racism, after so long being defeated theory, must constitute an act and en-actment of material aggression. To assert that laziness, hubris (pigeon english as much as formal languaging), impatience (interaction with drugs, substances by however many standard deviations), hard-wiring, programming (Patriarchy Theory’s Duluth model), etc. explains synchronic expression (parole languaging) is to arrest communicative performance to theoretical invention, the space of possible theoretical posits whose ontological structure grounds being in mere appearance.



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