how we gettier’d money gresham-ly

some say that “credit, and credit alone, is money”, while others like to say “it ain't your money until and unless you spend it” and elsewhere others like to get fancier and define it kind of like how gettier defined knowledge in his rockstar paper “is justified true belief knowledge?”

M is money for S iff

M is a media of exchange (justification, evidence); a euphemism for “means to settle debt”; you'll see that euphemism makes up a lot of “knowledge” on and off the street, especially in economics. money is not primarily a medium of exchange, money is primarily a means of settling debts

M is a store of value (valid belief formation and semantic contribution/not idle); a euphemism for being a claim on future work, this can be seen as a store of value but one that is neither absolute nor permanent. its value actually depends on it being spent continuously at the appropriate rate; recall w.v.o. quine blathering about your obligation or duty or whatever to update your “web of beliefs” (obviously you'll start to notice that the debates about definition become less about terms like “store” or “belief” but “of”, “in”, “between”, “ to”, “and so on”, and so on, disagreement about spatial metaphor, spatial technology, toy temporalities, etc.)

M is true (whatever that means; not counterfeit? just go with it); we might say based on my comment below, add preserver of historic information: this intersects here in that “true” becomes what is “workable”, so then if M works with vending machines or is re-cognizable, legible, durable, divisible, non-fungible, transferrable, and whatever dumb properties libtor-ians tf want

but money seems dualyzed: it loses value over time. how powerful is that? time perceives itself through the human conscious causing the approximate reduced digitality of value-form

did gettier in fact prove too much for all to see?

we say Time is Money but it seems here Knowledge is Money first, or: Knowledge is ontologically prior to Time, just as desire is logically prior to need, and apparently poetry logically prior to misery

they say Knowledge Capital these days, round these parts, i reckon (i think i wrote something that got published a couple years ago, just more ramblings about the same)

so then capital is power

but others like to expand the definition to necessarily involve technological interface as constitutive of money: nature and society have never been at odds. money has never not been technology itself. so like in bitcoin: a moneylike informational commodity the authors use “preserver of histor-ic information” as partly definition for “money”



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