Free Speech? Caute! The Low-entropy Meaning Cannon

More like Low-entropy Meaning-tag Can-(non-standard) Model; Or welcome to the end-times of the philosophy!

the second beginning wherefrom a holo-phraser begins

holophraser (part of the Low-Entropy Meaning-Tag Can-non-Standard Model; LEMTCSM, cam generate maximally randomized phrases from a book which people can treat like jigsaw pieces to maximally make coherent based on their knowledge of the book/”blessed are the piece-makers”)

mom sort


  1. holo-entropy-based compositionality
  2. inferential u-phonic expressiveness
  3. paradigmatic-pragmatic non-auto-representational presentational immediacy
  4. pata-productivity

blah blah i’m phenomenal blackness engineer i’m just dreamin’ metacomputational procedures of and for non-standard semiosis in link relations

if you don’t believe me, i would have time to explain it to you if there weren’t a peculiar institution maximizing for comfort over profit

don’t ask my kids to re-educate your kids. in the words of apikorsus fuck off, you bastards!



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