Facing the truth: the hypermedia-orientation

Hypermedia”, in a word, has always meant something to do with developing an inference engine of some sort, even a “cognitive-like” “system” no less (I’m not digging up the links because you don’t care, and this problem isn’t technical anyway; read on). The notion was sustained will into the 2014:

Isn’t there a need for cacheing the results of the various reasoners in a FOL form? (Syllogism)

And your “artificial” or “alternative” intelligence projects? Face it: “beauty is the givenness of data” (Contingent Computation. Beatrice M Fazi). You’ve not even begun to define the representation media you need to start sensibly talking about “A.I.” You’re just flipping software mythologies to pass the time: “When meanings come down to sentences, sentences to words, and words to letter, there is no software at all” (“There Is No Software”. Friedrich Kittler). There’s a paper about modeling hypermedia-based communications. You should read it. You should probably start thinking accessibility-first too, because accessibility is for everybody including your fancy association mechanism you call “A.I.” Over 90% of the web is inaccessible, and stating this to academics and laypeople alike makes them lose their shit. There’s no honor in this anymore. I don’t know what to teach my children if I have them, and none of you are willing to own up to the misappropriation. Don’t get me started on how anyone is celebrating 13ez0s enforcing architectural styles on pain of firing people. What the FUCK

It’s epistemic betrayal. Enjoy your failed apocalypse.

I don’t care what you think about my attitude. Another ReactJS developer is publishing more inaccessible markup, semantic trash, and traps. Go glare at them.



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