Do distributed systems CALM(ly), ReSTfully dream of orders in Bloom?

Unknown Artist

I’m not asking here if that ERP app has a Web interface. I’m asking if it’s a collection of hyperlinked media representations with no central point of control. […] Because that’s all that REST is: an architectural style for building distributed hypermedia apps. If you don’t want that kind of app, then don’t use REST.
The Secret to Distributed Hypermedia Applications: Distribution of Control. Jason Bloomberg. Jul 25, 2012.

See, “Hyperlink Ensembles: A Case Study in Hypertext Classification” (2001).

“Modeling Hypermedia-based Communication” (2005): service and content “words” as hypermedia representations; i.e., control data (link relations as decisions and relations) and hypermedia, respectively. “We could then speculate that service words are products of the social system, whereas content words are realizations (representations) of cognitive system macrostates.”

Scaling, consistency, program semantics that is coordination-free, consensus-free. Solving for the limitations of ReST in the inter-communications microservices context (inter-textuality in practice). Can this be weaker than deterministic context-free? See hypermedia-oriented design for discussions on decoupling.

Note: Im “publishing” this now because it is a widely understood myth of content marketing that “long-form is better” or that “more is better”, and I’m not so much going for First-to-Poast. The material is my canvas. The emptiness of my emptiness is my fulfillment.

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