D20 Modernizing the Web (and Software?) Development!

“… designing hypermedia systems currently appears an art rather than an engineering process, and studies of hypermedia-based communication remain phenomenological and atheoretical …” (“MODELING HYPERMEDIA-BASED COMMUNICATION”)
Architecture   INT Typically rendered in YUML IDEALS[ideals]. Use STR nets to systematically re-found patadigmagic, paradigmatic, syntagmatic, etc. sentence-subjects, truthbearers, etc.High: AdaptabilityLow: Natural Responsitivity-
Agility DEX
Coulomb Field Scattering plots from Dotty/Graphviz.High: OpennessLow: Consistency-
Efficiency STR
Circular economic flow diagrams. Holonautic Socialism.High: ConscientiousnessLow: Truth-
Equity CON
Generate constructive contradictions consistent with S5, S4, etc. Contradiction governs being-in-structure from withoutness.High: ExtraversionLow: Honesty- Accessibility  ALTCALM conjecture in hypermediated distributed domain-driven design hash tables. See pa11y, lighthouse, cypress, etc. Missing a11y features could register an event to send apologies to target element, search for a web component and _=”install …”; elsewhere we introducs _=”diagnosis …”, _=”rollback …”, _=”retry …”, _=”confine …”, _=”mask …”, etc. in the Periodic Table of Information (see htmx.org). Missing semantic or a11y *imply architecture* and that architecture is a mereological complex or mereological composition of software components or modules (on-demand code). In many ways this resembles my non-standard [rel] concept; a link relation is a program that conditions for the possibility of contingent computation. There may never be a “diagnosis” or “rollback,” but if the programs are prefigured into the substrate, the behavior has subsemiotic content that structurally binds relational and conceptual worlds; it is entirely arbitrary how the nodes of the network organize resources to produce the affordance, but global consensus would make little sense given that no such sets of possible worlds of propositions exists, since there are no propositions, let alone facts (compositional or otherwise). Instead, various action networks (clinamonadic-diagnostic network, absolute-rollback network, antimonoid-antichain-confinement network, anomalous-mask network, accessibility-sensible-aisthetic-retry network, syzygetic-recovery network (e.g. a silly rule like, three miners touch a difficulty and only they get to generate blocks for whatever duration it took them to compute the winning hash, giving other miners if they are at a monotonic rate of loss, they will have accumulative time to coordinate toward winning the next round; past work down can transfer toward future accumulation, augmenting durability score), pata-serial network; Ijiri, Yuji; these networks exist for the affordances as status error levels) construct the momentum quotient (MQ) for any given affordance, out from impulses and force. Some networks may be rendered or generated as chains, or blockchains, such as syzygetic-recovery networks, but their linearity or geometric qualities are inherently contingent and probabilistic.High: Orientation (Grounding)Low: Expression (Founding)-
Learning WIS
La Caze, M.; Murdoch, I.; Anscombe, G.E.M.; Fazi, Beatrice M.; Moss, Sarah: with fact and proposition out of the picture of our collective imagination, if even for a spell, we are left with whatever is left to take their place amongst the instruments of the languaging. Mereological complexes (Betti, Arianna; Against Facts) and probabilistic knowledge (Moss, Sarah; Probabilistic Knowledge) are the going runners in play for the production of workable theories which might provide the conditions for realizing emergent consciousness and its various features (cognitive robustness, abstractive memory, adaptive consciousness, modal/free contingency, speculative graph transindividuation, knotworking, non-metapsychologistics, etc).High: GenerosityLow: Wonder-
Training CHA
Model bioentropic formations, creations, processes, adjustments, etc. from hypermedia controls embedded in link relation attentional quotient (AQ). Subscended Maxwell’s Demon.High: AgreeablenessLow: Emotionality

Communication Structure has Alignment: chaotic good, true neutral, etc.

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