Blah blah freedom dreams

Surfing the end-times of freedom dreaming

Metaphysical immigrant freedom dreams

“We all took different routes to get here but black people didn’t, oh and we’re all equal (before god, except black people, because they don’t have languages; ask a ontotheolinguistician), free of quality distinction because god has all qualities and we are in the image of god (again, except black people because that particular distinction just recreates racism; that one, alone, singularly. So don’t talk about it. No one who is important deals in race anyway. Shut up! You think you’re better than me?!)”

Metaphysical sovereignty freedom dreams

“Time heals all wounds, like the wound of existence, like healing slavery is just a matter of time… We, the People, don’t have to do anything… just wait. Unlike the Catholics, though… They are paying reparations. Don’t be like (some) Catholics. Whatever, existence is better than the quality of existence, right? Qualities are evil, anyway. Like, evolutionary traits? Ugh. Or innovate the horizon of irreversible noise, or something. Whatever, freedom hurts!”

Metaphysical entitlement freedom dreams

“I am not an extremist/supremacist/patriarch/etc, they are over there. My actions exist in an ecological vacuum. Vote blue no matter who! Or else! We should be thankful just to exist now at this end-times of the philosophy! You must dream of labor better than the immigrant and the disabled desire accessibility! Or else!”



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