are you unmoved by the typical example iterating over an array Declarative Style vs Imperative Style? i mentioned xslt. that’s pretty old y’know. there’s lots i could gripe about this industry, but i think the literal questions i asked were quite plain.

i was giving an example of what a “Promise” would look like syntactically in html. if we are going to critique, we should feel obliged to be language authors to some extent.

ideally we’d be building ted nelson’s literary machines through tim berner-lee’s Linked Data, and we wouldnt need JavaScript. yet that’s not how history worked out. css and js exist and they solve different problems, html is a domain-specific language, etc.

but if i mention xslt and you call that “buzzwords”, we’re on two different levels. xslt was and is a fairly sophisticated, proven technology with wide support. i’m think moreso you don’t have a firm grasp on what counts as a “buzzword”, and are in fact quite reflexively reactionary. which is understandable, if you don’t read the literature

nobody leaves the cave before the end of a new dawn

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