👁‍🗨 Affective, Deconstructive Affordances

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Affective Robots — Impossible Kiss. Guzzetti Ale. 2012.

Market Centralization ⇒ Empire of Law ⇒ Political Order ⇒ Economic Reality ⇒ (Increasing) Market Centralization

Let’s not forget that colonial relations (through deterritorialization) precede the establishment of legal frameworks (wet code), as part of the story of centralization. So there’s a kind of cyclical feedback system that isn’t exactly uni-directional, as we know from history.

Info ≡ Id ≡ Affect ≡ Rel ≡ Deconstruction

I’ll just hazard some analogies.

nobody leaves the cave before the end of a new dawn https://gist.github.com/dualyticalchemy

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