⚫️ nothingness negates itself

hypermedia as the engine of application state entails stateless verification of metacomputational activity[0] and software quality properties as much as data quality properties, resource quality properties, object quality properties, and affordance quality properties. prefer [1].

software quality properties considered to date:

future proof software systems

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german courts, etc. are playing cards close, feigning to have a philosophical backing or justification by hegel's "recognition of necessity". we might think the philosophy doesn't matter, but they are constantly alluding to and even directly quoting hegel. this is a philosophical war. it's being driven by standard model philosophers.

elsewhere we can see the same pattern as with jeff bezos's "API Mandate" which, curiously, everyone in the industry celebrated as if it were a stroke of genius simply not to read dr roy fielding's REST API paper. why he asked about the broken manual[0] and has to-this-day not been able to find it

i have tho

[0]: https://roy.gbiv.com/untangled/2008/rest-apis-must-be-hypertext-driven