“… designing hypermedia systems currently appears an art rather than an engineering process, and studies of hypermedia-based communication remain phenomenological and atheoretical …” (“MODELING HYPERMEDIA-BASED COMMUNICATION”)

Inducing paradigmatic meaning-tags from the semantic and semiotic, morphological and non-morphological, mechanism and mechanism-independent hypermedia-oriented socio-ecologies

When the bass drops, do you know where your computations are?




let start = (outcome) -> ({ rel: () -> ({ ...outcome }) })



Sealed Arguments made for Barbohemians

You are not (just) the last human.

Can we please stop trying to save philosophy guy’s from themselves?

Thank Taylor Adkins for the meme. You can find him in the Real, if you’re eye-not.

A practical guide for future discussion of the gradient of semioticity with respect to semiotic web

As a user, I want to ...

⚫️ nothingness negates itself

nobody leaves the cave before the end of a new dawn https://hypermedia-orientation.surge.sh

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